B hires T because shot at from red car. Husband has same car. T follows H. Odd behavior. Diner – waitress – 2 brothers. Twins? Golf course. Tracking device. Discovers other wife’s business. Discovers other wife and son. Doesn’t know if twins or one guy. Finds building. Figures is meth lab. Wife tries to kill B. Evidence from computer no good. Needs evidence. Goes onto boat. Caught. Almost killed. Gets evidence.





Main Character - Private Detective - Dave

Environmentalist – Ed

Businessman – Bob


Location Boca


Plot Brief Summary


Ed sabotages land

Owner Bob hires Dave to catch Ed

B suspects E Org.

Dave joins E Org


Dave tracks Ed

Dave sees Ed pour chems

What proof does he have?



Plot Summary


Bob wants to develop 2 plots of land. Parcel 1 is for 15 homes at an old shopping mall. Parcel 2 is a small factory that will make blades for wind turbine.


Ed is a radical environmentalist who used to be moderate. He wants to block both projects.


Parcel 1 will have 12 moderate priced homes and 4 homes for working poor. Will supply employment to 20 workers, 1 admin, 1 sales.


Parcel will supply work to 10 workers during construction, and then to 15 workers, 2 engineers, 1 manager, 3 salespeople.




Ed wants to block both projects.

So Ed:

  1. Pours chemicals onto land to prevent approvals
  2. Kills endangered species and puts bodies onto land.


Ed’s motive: Motive 1: Re factory. He’ll make money by blocking factory. He owns a rival wind blade co that is going bankrupt. His blades are based on an older technology that can’t compete, and he cannot re-tool as his is based on different materials that will be obsolete. He started the co for good reasons and to make money. Trust fund.


Motive 2: He’s a radical enviro. He believes: no new development. No new power plants. Fossil fuels cause co2 emmissions and so global warming.


Motive 3: Re housing development – feels there are too many people and houses.


Plot Detailed


Q What is critical evidence that finally catches Ed?


Bob hires Dave.

Someone putting chemicals on land.

How chems found: Hired envir co as required. Test pits were on site and could be seen from street. Enviro co tests showed chems.

Neighbor saw car parked and a person on land with jug. Thinks green Subaru.


Entice Ed again. Close pits. Hire new co. Camaras and stake out.

Ed puts chems in again. Car chase. See part of license.


Dead endangered species will be later.



Why chooses Dave?

What is evidence?

What are leads?

Plot side-tracks.

Side characters.


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